At Samson & Bronc, we believe that fragrance has the power to transform every moment. We are the proud creators of luxury home accessories including candles, diffusers and bespoke fragrance sprays.

 Sam Drewe  - Creative Director Samson & Bronc.        
Our luxury creations are designed to uplift your senses and enhance your home, your environment and daily living. Every purchase made supports local Australian business to deliver our hand crafted bespoke products direct to your home. 

Our History

Created in 2013, Samson & Bronc originally specialised in hand made fashion pieces before diversifying into fragrance and homewares. Noticing the need for more eco friendly products Sam decided to develop the Phoenix Collection which was named after one of his horses called Phoenix. Sam is an Australian designer with a background in Business and Fashion, living in Byron Bay, Australia where he and his team make all of their products.