WILDFIRE - The people's favourite unisex fragrance

WILDFIRE - The people's favourite unisex fragrance

"Wildfire," a fragrance crafted by Sam Drewe, the owner of Samson & Bronc, is a remarkable creation that embodies a unique combination of scents. The fragrance is composed of distinct notes, including the smoky essence of bergamot, the earthy aroma of sage leaf, the warmth of burnt amber, and the woody undertones of cedarwood. This blend results in an alluring, captivating, daring, and bold fragrance.

Sam Drewe, the creator behind Wildfire, was driven by the intention of crafting a scent that would be universally appealing, transcending traditional gender boundaries. This pursuit led to months of meticulous experimentation to achieve the ideal fusion of ingredients that would result in the desired gender-neutral fragrance.

The product itself weighs 180 grams and is formulated using high-quality ingredients. Notably, it is crafted to be both vegan and cruelty-free, aligning with ethical considerations. Its slim design enhances its aesthetic appeal.

The fragrance is produced in Byron Bay, a coastal town in Australia known for its natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle. The setting adds to the brand's identity, emphasising a connection to nature and a laid-back yet creative atmosphere.

Samson & Bronc, the brand behind Wildfire, operates from a rustic home studio nestled in the picturesque hills surrounding Byron Bay. This locale echoes the brand's commitment to craftsmanship, authenticity, and an artisanal approach to fragrance creation.

Overall, Wildfire is more than just a fragrance; it's a reflection of Sam Drewe's dedication to crafting an inclusive scent that resonates with a diverse audience. The combination of distinctive elements and the brand's ethos make Wildfire a remarkable olfactory creation.

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